Obesity Is Not an Outward Sign of Poor Health, Nutrisystem Experts Say

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Being overweight is not necessarily synonymous with diabetes, cholesterol, heart or respiratory failure, and other metabolic abnormalities. A recent study published in the European Heart Journal shows that, among the obese, some are much healthier than those whose weight is normal. It was not known whether they followed a regimen similar to the Nutrisystem meals.

According to a study of 43,265 participants between 1979 and 2003, 46% of of those with obesity have a good metabolism. Even more amazing, their risk of developing cardiovascular disease was similar to subjects with normal weight. The director of the study, University of Granada””s (Spain) Dr. Francisco Ortega, explained: “These results show that increasing exercise supports good health, even if you are a little overweight.”

The “obesity paradox” phenomenon

The study is confirmed by other analyses, this time conducted by Pr. Angeras Oskar of the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. This study revealed what researchers call the “obesity paradox.” According to the results, the risk of developing cardiovascular disease is three times higher among people who have a BMI of 18.5 kg / m2 (due to some vitamin deficiencies, particularly in omega 3 and 6), compared to those having a BMI greater than 26.5. In fact, the people most at risk are those underweight and deal with morbid obesity (BMI over 40). Could they benefit from a nutritional program like Nutrisystem?