French vs. Americans: Who Has the Best Nutrisystem Food?

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Stop the myths! No, the Americans do not eat more than the French. It””s hard to believe, yet the study by CREDOC makes it official that, across the Atlantic, young people over 15 pretty much have the same calorie intake as the French (2095.3 kcal / day for the French against 2073.2 kcal / day for the Americans). It is not known whether those on dietary regimens like Nutrisystem”s were taken into consideration. However, the differences in consumption was not discounted.

In its September 2012 issue, the Research Centre for the Study and Observation of Living Conditions (CREDOC) focused on the eating habits of the French and Americans.

France is the champion in diversity

From one day to the next, the French like to vary their meals, while in the US, lunch can be the same every day of the week, which is not the case with meal plans like those of Nutrisystem. French adults consume an average of 16.8 products on two days, against 13.6 products for the Americans, with a preference for liquid products. The energy supplied by such products make up 17% of diets in the United States while it is only 10% in France. Finally, the Americans, who are more fond of pizzas, quiches, and other fast-food, eat fewer vegetables and fruits. The result is that the  “energy density (the ratio of energy consumed and quantity) of their food is higher: 1.9kcal / g (against 1.7 kcal / g in France) and promotes weight gain.”

Apparently, the usual American dietary composition is not the same one used in regimens like those of Nutrisystem.

The French are not perfect

But the habits of the French are far from perfect. If Americans consume more sugary sodas, the French have a tendency to be partial with saturated fat: cheeses, meats, pastries – these are all foods that promote bad cholesterol. In this case, the Americans have an edge since their consumption of seeds, like almonds, walnuts, or hazelnuts, is three times higher than the French.

Finally, the 21 to 34-year-old French eat less than young American adults. Too many sandwiches, and not enough fruits and vegetables, the French have a lower  nutritional balance index than Americans of the same age. Likewise for those aged 65 and over.

CREDOC warned against these bad habits, which may be altered with a well-balanced program like Weight watchers, but Nutrisystem coupons do exist to help you cut the costs. It also recalled that if the French diet is more varied for children 3-14 years, this diversification tended to follow a decreasing trend since 2007. The study explained this drop as caused “by the crisis and reductions in food budgets.”