Nutrisystem Experts say Alcohol-Free Wine is Good for the Heart and Arteries!

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According to a study published in Circulation Research (American Heart Association), red wine without alcohol reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. Does this mean it should be included in nutritional programs like Nutrisystem. By the way, have you seen the latest Nutrisystem promo code?

Soft wine is good for health

Marketed for a decade now, the alcoholic wine has some health properties, especially red wine. A study of 67 men with diabetes or cardiovascular anomalies found red wine could reduce blood pressure. The risk of cardiac arrest would be narrowed by 20%, while the risk of developing cardiovascular disease would decrease by 14%.

The reason for these benefits is simple: red wine without alcohol contains similar quantities of alcoholic wine polyphenols, an antioxidant that acts against blood pressure.

These results confirm previous studies praising the cardiovascular benefits of red wine in men. How about dietary regimens that can protect cardiovascular health, like those of Nutrisystem?

The question is whether fans will abandon the alcoholic release in favor of a more sobering beverage.